Divine Liturgy


    Saturday Great Vespers

4:00 pm

Divine Liturgy
 5:00 pm
Sunday Matins
9:00 am
Divine Liturgy
 10:00 am
Holy Day Liturgy
 8:30 am
Daily Liturgy
 8:30 am








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Divine Liturgy (Mass):

Saturday 4:00 pm  

Sunday 10:00 am    

Holy Days Vigil 7:00 pm and 8:30 am



St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church

4600 State Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44109

(216) 741-7979




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Parish Membership: Please take time to stop in the parish office to register and meet our staff members. Parish members do more than just attend church. A Parish is a family where each member is nourished with God's love. So come gather with us and find the peace and love that God and our Parish family can bring.



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4600 State Road

Cleveland , OH 44109

(216) 741-7979



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